Desperately Seeking Diane White (maiden name) (Monett?)

Diane, you were my best friend in Arizona. You married and moved to Monett. I never saw you again. We used to laugh and have such a great time. After you moved, I still wrote you for years, but you faded away. Not sure what happened. I often thought that maybe you felt like you were a better friend than I was. But I loved you. And I always will. You are one of the people I will see in Heaven. I wonder if you are there now.
You had an older brother...was his name Mike? (I think so; or Steve. Must've been Mike) You had a younger sib; not sure if it was a brother or sister. I met your mom once when she came to Yuma. I met your gramma that time we took a road trip to the grand canyon. We used to drink and laugh and have great times.. we were 19 and 20 back then. You lived in that sweet little trailer you and your mom fixed up for you. I learned how to ride a motorcycle because of you. We'd gone out drinking one night, in your car. You met that guy who wanted to be with you so bad, he told me to drive his bike home.. I'd never driven a motorcycle, and was drunk.. you were that HOT!! His name was Bill, remember? I drove his bike home. Then bought a motorcycle a couple of months later.
Do you remember me? I'm still with my husband. We had 4 kids. Now I have 6 grandkids. I hope someone knows you, and will get this to you.. I think about you often. Remember that time I used your name in Winterhaven when the cops stopped me? I think you were mad about that.. I had to use an alias bc I had a warrant in California. It worked. They let me go. Diane, hit me up. I'd love to know how your life turned out. I hope you had so many kids you lived in shoe!!
You were much smarter than me. We met in that Jobs Program. Remember when our greatest wish was that we'd make 800 bucks a month? You worked for that boss who had a monkey.. omg. He went on vacation and you had to take care of it. geez. It got loose and fairly tore up his house!
My Aunt Eva just died this past December. She lived with us and died here in our home. She was 97 yrs old. And just 10 days away from making it to 98. My sister still lives in Yuma, with her hubby. He had a heart transplant about 12 yrs ago.

Have you worked all these years? Have you been blessed? You were always so generous, and kind. You must be having a nice life. I hope you found a wonderful husband. And milked cows, and took trips. I hope this finds you.
God bless, my friend!
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