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This morning promptly at 0830 I reported for jury duty at the Booneville courthouse in Springfield, MO.
I am aghast.
First thing you have to do is get through all the deputies with their visible 9's, mace, and tazers; one must ask what they are really afraid of?
After I got my belt back on, and rearranged all my winter clothing, I was directed to the jury selection room.
It was filled with people sitting on folding chairs, stacked where security could keep a close eye, and the place stank of humanity. The kind of humanity that have been trained to be good little sheep.
Those bureaucraps were gonna take up my whole day waiting for lawyers to ask me a few questions. The waiting is on my dime, not theirs.
To show up for an otherwise onerous task, and be dissed like that, is an insult to the American public, and especially the taxpayers. You remember the ones whose contributions to the system average 43% after sales taxes (on food?!!?) etc.?
If this were a corporation recruiting warm bodies, even those potential recruits would be better treated than our "broke" government performed today.
There is no effective way to complain except to bring it to a public forum.


Waiting in a professional doctor's pay that person exhorbitant amounts for pain relief, and then they "strip line" with the meds quoting regulations and safety practices.
The missus has sciatica. She can only get the steroid shots every three months because "that is the limit".
Waiting at McDonalds' when you have paid a premium for "fast" food.
Waiting for grandma Moses on the cash register because she is forced to work cheaper to get a job.
Waiting for stoplights when there is no traffic.

I feel like such an idiot. So I ain't waitin' no more.

Commercial Establishment: 5 minutes in the checkout line, and I walk. Leaving my goods in your main aisle.

An MD has as much education as the PhD's who "taught" my college classes. They got 20 minutes and then we all left the classroom. Same deal. (A grad student instructor got 10 minutes).

Lawyers: Ain't no way I am waiting for a man who I am paying. This is the ultimate disrespect. Then he sits in a power chair. These parasites need to be replaced. Adversary System. Hunh

Auto/Tire Repair: If it's gonna be more than 15 minutes, TELL ME! Your haughty aristocratic attitude does not go well with the profit you are making.

This movement needs to be led by those of us who still have some testosterone.


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