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Wow, for a socialist free loading citizen you seem to think your in the majority . . .

Q: What makes this a commie group? What they stand for and want given to them. Winers who want things their way even when they loose bad. We do not want our wealth to be spread out amongst the freeloaders of America. Go to work.

Check the poll stats of your "Democratic" party:

Trump won 45 States, lost 5 and won the election.
Clinton won the popular vote, but only won 5 States.
Thus the population of the 5 States has the majority of the people to win this.
The 50 States would not have ratified the constitution without have an equal representation of the vote. Popular vote has never won and cannot win the Presidency ever.

Oh, and have a close look of how many losses your Democrat party have had in the last few years. The Republican party now has a majority of State Governors, Mayors, State Representatives, etc. You lost very bad and are statically a miner party and only regionally (5 States) and not a national party anymore. Hopefully never.

You socialists and obama never liked the United States rules, regulations, traditions, police / military or our Constitution.
The "Change" obama and your like tried to change us into Europe's style of shit. After only 8 years of your "Change" we the people "changed" our minds and want things back the way we had it for hundreds of years; some of us never wanted this "change."

Your the only problem we (Tea Party / Independents / Constitutionalists) really have had and that is only (8) years.

By the way, "snowflakes" are something the Democrat socialists party created. Bunch of wimpy college kids and young adults all screwed up from our modern socialists educational program (union) schooling our kids into simpletons and drones.

___Quote: "Are you in fear of the silent voices awakening."
Not a bit, your a minority full of anarchists, hired professional demonstrators, and snowflakes. If you like violence so much, come around my house sometime. I'm not the socialist who gave up my guns believing the police can help during the first few minutes of an altercation. By the way if the police found out your a police hating democrat socialist scum they will not be helping you much..

Keep up the anarchists attitude and eventually Trump will get around to having you locked up for sedition, terrorism, rioting, or simply not paying for your college education.

Laugh on jail bait, Bubba loves newbies.

___Quote: "Btw - thanks for the link"
That is good. Join right up and sign you name on their list. We like to know who and where you are . . .
Your such a looser to make that statement below without checking the facts:

What makes this a commie group? Because they don't like the way Piece Of Totally Useless Shit is trying to take the country? GROW UP SNOWFLAKE - it's the American way to fight back against what is seen as wrong. Are you in fear of the silent voices awakening - you should be. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
Btw - thanks for the link
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