Mocha Jo's Coffee Cafe (Monett)

Did you ask them why the business was closed at times? Seems that would have been the practical thing to do instead of hating on them. We have enough of that in the world. If you check their FB page, it says the owner has been retired for 4 years, they have a home in Fla and their children live in other states. I checked because I was afraid illness was the reason they weren't always open. Apparently you didn't care, you just wanted a cup of coffee. Looks like their life is changing after 10 years of having the shop and they are transferring it to somebody else, not selling it. They will still be in and out, not that you care to see them.

The new manager is Andrew Forsman (Drew). He has been at Mocha Jo's for 3 weeks learning how to make some of the more difficult menu items such as their famous potato soup, etc. He and his wife have closed on a home in Monett and will be moving there with their 9 month old son, Coby. He worked as youth pastor for Assemblies of God in MI and KS the last 3 years. He also graduated from college in Springfield. Mocha Jo's serve as a base of operations in and around the Monett area for Life360 Community Services, a non-profit that already operates services in Springfield, Conway and Dexter, Mo. and has services in 9 school districts. They look for needs in the community and fill them. They do a lot of work with foster children. They just broke ground on a 40-unit apartment complex for foster children aging out of the system and plan to help them with career options.

Here is what they have to say about starting Life360 in the Monett area. I might mention that I'm not religious, don't go to any church, but this sounds like a good thing to me: Life360 has been around for 11 years. The corporation started by offering a summer camp for foster children. In the past five years, Life360 has grown into developing a community feeding program, focusing on preschools in Springfield, as well as offering after-school programs focused on science, technology, engineering and math. For the past four years, Hahn said Life360 has expanded services through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to offer food programs. This has taken the form of offering “super snacks” after school for students who may not have nutritional meals at home.

Life360 will begin offering this food program to students in the Pierce City school district beginning Thursday. Food will be prepared at Mocha Jo’s and delivered to classrooms in the school, even pre-kindergarten.

“We’ll bring other non-profits here to have their base upstairs,” where the Den youth center was originally located, Hahn said. “In Springfield, we work with 20 non-profits. We work out of an old school building. We bring our services to the neighborhood or to a central location. That’s the general ideal of what we want to do here. We want to offer as much as we can to meet some needs in Monett.”

Hahn said Life360 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation under the auspices of the Assemblies of God. Other partners include Habitat for Humanity, Convoy of Hope for personal hygiene supplies, and the RISE program. RISE has wraparound services for families that includes budgeting, personal coaching, help with legal counsel, and assistance with healthy homes, such as addressing furniture and bedbug issues.

“We have a Life360 house for young people ages 20-27 transitioning out of jail to help them back on their feet,” Hahn said. “Housing is a major obstacle to being able to make it.

“We never want to run over programs, but to add strength to what’s happening. We work with the Victory Mission in Springfield, which helps older men getting out of prison.”

Hahn said the Bergers opened doors to them, creating a partnership of opportunity for both.

“We’re very excited, and very grateful Bob and Debbie have entrusted us with Mocha Jo’’s,” Hahn said. “I believe it’s great to have a legitimate business to add value to the neighborhood. Then we can begin to meet need in the community. We don’t want to operate remotely.”

“Our goal in starting Mocha Jo’s was not just having a coffee shop, but something more,” Debbie Berger said. “This allows these guys to be something more that has a lasting impact on lives. We’re going to be visible with them for a while. A lot of this is truly Spirit driven. We go every day and see how we can make this work.

“We couldn’t have done what we did here without Debbi Willoughby. She’s been a trustworthy, excellent employee. We have appreciated the community support. We need that for Life360. We want the coffee shop to continue. It’s important for the downtown community.”

Hahn said the mission statement is to use people of faith.

“They pull from a lot of resources,” he said. “We want to get in and see what we can do here. We want to build up what’s here, like with the food program. If we have food left over, we’ll donate it to the school backpack program.

“Bob and Debbie have done a wonderful job. We have no intention to have a makeover. We love Mocha Jo’s. We hope to keep the employees. We hope to work with people who are now in the neighborhood.”

So there's your answer to what's going on, not that you asked. Hopefully you have better luck finding a cup of coffee in Monett (Or you could just make your own.). Hope your attitude and outlook on life improve. Sorry you are so miserable:(
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