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I know what you mean! It gets old really fast... all their religious bull crap. I try to be nice and just listen to my religious friends and nod because if you don't and they find out you think they're full of shit, they will rattle on at you forever trying to convince you their God exists. They should be embarrassed at how stupid they sound, but they're not. They've been so well brainwashed it's scary. They don't even stop to think that what they say doesn't even make sense and can't be proven. I heard one of the survivors of the shooting in El Paso saying that God wrapped some kind of protective shield around them so they wouldn't be harmed. Guess they were better than the 24 that died. God didn't bother to protect them. How self-rightous!

There may be a higher being, I don't know. But, if there is, he's not hanging out up in the sky granting some people's wishes and denying others. And he is not a good and kind God or he wouldn't be letting millions of people suffer while helping others. Billions of people have died throughout the ages in wars that were nearly all started by these religious nuts. Just stop already! Believe whatever you want in your own mind. Just keep it to yourself and shut up about it! We don't want to hear your bullshit about how God created this bug and that bug, put this rainbow in the sky while he is letting people in poor countries starve to death. You are a stupid idiot if you believe this mumble jumble. Do I believe in a higher being? Probably. I believe we each have a soul and we will go someplace when we die. We will see loved ones again and probably knew them before we came here. But I don't believe in your sky God.
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