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Re: Religion (Springfield)

I don't get how they think. If a child has Stage 4 cancer and that child somehow miraculously recovers after having surgery to remove the cancer, chemo AND radiation Christians will say thank God! God has saved this child! People prayed, God looked down and blessed this family. If another child with Stage 4 cancer goes through the same treatments and dies, nothing is said except pray for the family, the child is in a better place, is an angel of God, it was God's will, etc. Either way, in their minds, God is going to win. Why does one child live and one not? Because there is no God and different people react differently to chemo and radiation, different cancers are more aggressive or are caught when they are more advanced.

They are so easily manipulated and brainwashed it's scary and yet we're all nice to them. We play along with their weird beliefs because if we don't they will drop us as family members and friends. Losing a friend might be okay, being shunned by a family member hurts. If you ask a Christian family member why you don't see them anymore they will just say things like, "We don't seem to have much in common" or "We are mostly involved in the church." Sad, but very true. Actually we do have a lot in common. We are family. We have cousins that only see each other once or twice a year. We have high morals and good work ethics. If you checked, you would find out our morals are higher than their's! Yet they continue to shun us because we don't believe there is a sky god. I refuse to capitalize their god's name. They're the ones who have lived together, had homosexual relationships, used drugs, been in prison, lied, deceived and used other people, abused their children and pets. Why are we considered the bad guys? We have done none of that. They say everybody sins and that's why we need their sky god. We may have sinned, but we sure as hell didn't do any of that!

Sorry this is so long. Just really gets on my nerves and I had to voice my opinion in a safe place because, their god forbid if I said it to them! LOL
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