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Writers and artists needed for EMT/Paramedic Motorcycle Teams proposal (Springfield)

WRITERS: Writers needed to do some initial work on a National Fraternity of Special Events Motorcycle Teams for EMTs/Paramedics and First Aid people, male or female.

I want to write up the first few specialty teams and the basic BLS (Basic Life Support) team that all chapters must keep regardless of whether or not any specialty teams are wanted or formed by the local community chapters.

I finally have a person who can fill out my 501(c) for my disaster fire battalions for Southern Missouri (Search for "Southern Missouri Fire Dept" online for a map of the battalions' locations); this motorcycle fraternity will be my nonprofit's 2nd project.

I am only going to write up the basic outline of the chapter teams just to get more people involved.

I cannot pay at this point, but I can pay later once money for the first project is stabilized and one of the disaster battalions is underway.

Writers or writers groups: please let me speak in front of your full group and I can furnish more information as to what I am trying to do.

Students who are taking technical writing or thinking about taking technical writing: I will approach your teacher about getting extra credit for working on this; if you are considering technical writing, this would be a good chance to get "wet your whistle" and find out if you like it or not!

NOTE: until 19 December FINALS are at area colleges/universities; I will answer any inquiry as I have time, as this is my 'bread and butter' moneymaking time for my primary job).

I WILL RETURN ALL INQUIRIES, but only as I am able until after 15 December! I will catch up on ALL inquiries after Christmas.

ARTISTS: I also need an artist/artists for the uniform shirts drawings and shoulder epaulets drawings:

If you are an art student, I will contact your adviser or Dept. Head in order to get you extra credit for finishing the drawings and corrections to our vision...if you wish to submit alternative shirt or shoulder epaulet designs, you may do so for consideration, but you must draw the uniform and shoulder epaulets to OUR vision first...

If my Board likes your ideas better than the ones already proposed, you will be given full credit for your designs and the Board will adopt yours for our National group! But you MUST submit drawings of already-approved designs first...

I can meet with any art group, art gallery, art instructor, or Art Professor after 19 December to show you the ideas we want drawn up already proposed.

I have individuals around the United States ready to form Basic Life Support teams once I get the 501(c) and basic paperwork done.

NOTE: Recently some rude individual by the name of "Desert" contacted me, without identifying himself or his organization, and demanded who gave me authority to set up this organization; my nonprofit, Sothern Missouri Emergency Services, is in good standing with the Secretary of State Corporation Office, and since I recently found someone to do my 501(c) paperwork, I plan on going public soon.

Had he attempted to talk like a human being with me, he might have been given more information..but I doubt with his attitude that he wanted to help us.

If you don't want to help us, please don't contact me.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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